‘SEO and Content Driven Affiliates Have Shown Great Performance Historically’ – Andrew Vilks, Head of Acquisition at winaffiliates.com

‘SEO and Content Driven Affiliates Have Shown Great Performance Historically’ – Andrew Vilks, Head of Acquisition at winaffiliates.com

WinAffiliates is a top affiliate program featuring exclusive offers from casinos and betting brands such as youwin.com, hepsibahis.com and mroyun.com. Operating on the market since 2005, the company applies an innovative approach to affiliate marketing, offers beneficial terms of cooperation and provides access to the best tools for working in the gambling niche.

The affiliate program will become a Badge Sponsor of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2021 that will be held on June 16.

As we approach the event, Head of Acquisition at winaffiliates.com Andrew Vilks gave an exclusive interview to KiAC team. He spoke about the benefits of the affiliate program and marketing strategy specifics. The expert talked about the working creatives and landing pages that attract the attention of users. In addition, he explained how the legal regulation of the gambling industry is reflected in the operation of WinAffiliates.

The interviewer: Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference (KiAC)

The respondent: Andrew Wilks (E.V.)

KiAC: On what terms does WinAffiliates cooperate with affiliates?

E.V.: Our main mode of cooperation is through Revenue Sharing. We value long standing partnerships and we put a lot of effort in our customers’ journeys and experience in an effort to super-optimise lifetime value, which is something our partners like and appreciate particularly.

We have an established network of affiliates who are regularly receiving 5+ digit commissions every month. Some of those have been working with us since 2005!

Of course we can also negotiate and offer CPA or Hybrid deals to partners with proven player quality and value.

KiAC: Please tell us about the exclusive offers available at WinAffiliates. What gaming products are offered to clients of youwin.com, hepsibahis.com and mroyun.com?

E.V.: Availability of any exclusive offers or content depends on the affiliate or the traffic source and the opportunity the given placement presents to us. Even though there are no limits in the offer itself, we reserve such arrangements for the most lucrative deals in order for the exclusivity to be real. Such special deals can be customised and tailored very fast - complete with bespoke creative assets and landing pages - in no time at all.

Product-wise, youwin and hepsibahis are offering both casino and sports betting, while mroyun is a casino only brand. All our brands feature content from the biggest names in the casino industry, release new games every week and present a range of daily and weekly promotions for the entertainment of our customers.

The highlight of our marketing however has to be our tireless dedication to event-driven, cross-channel, brand awareness campaigns designed to maximise our brand footprint and improve our partners’ conversion rates during important dates in the sports and social calendars alike. We have plenty of truly global viral videos under our belt and we are still aiming for many more!

KiAC: What requirements does WinAffiliates have to affiliates?

E.V.: Whether you are an established affiliate or a small site owner, we have a very easy process i to onboard you. Bigger affiliates can of course negotiate bespoke commission arrangements, while smaller site owners are onboarded with a very competitive welcome offer that sees them receive up to 50% Share of Net Revenue during their first 5 months.

You can submit your application here: https://www.winaffiliates.com/registration/ and for further questions feel free to get in touch with us: support@winaffiliates.com.

KiAC: What traffic sources and geo are accepted by the affiliate program?

E.V.: SEO and content driven affiliates have shown great performance historically, but we will accept traffic from almost all ad spots as long as you follow our advertising guidelines.

Lately, a few of our partners have outstanding performance with social media traffic from Facebook, Twitter and Google AdWords, which is an excellent topic for separate interview! Telegram is also trending for us as of late, and it appears to be bringing loyal, high valued customers.

Turkey and Canada are our main Geos for the time being.


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KiAC: What is relevant on the CPA market, and what trends are losing their significance?

E.V.: Personally i’m coming from Performance Marketing industry and this industry heavily relies on CPA offers but in betting industry big part of deals are done on Revenue Share model. Main reason is “trust” between us and our affiliates. Our affiliates are doing good job on delivering quality leads to us and on our side we are concentrating on converting leads to customers and keeping them happy. This means bigger profits in long term for both sides.
On CPA market during past year i saw a lot of examples, where we were getting customers with randomized emails which were doing just minimum deposit (important to validate CPA conversion) and afterwards they were disappearing. On our side we have quite good tools to monitor such behaviour but it takes time to keep everything under control.

KiAC: How working creatives should look like to help attract players to online casinos?

E.V.: We strongly believe that the future lies with self hosted interactive widgets that add value to the user’s experience. This value can be in the form of entertainment, information or access. Self hosting creatives is of course the only real way to avoid getting your ads 3rd party blocked by browsers and ad-blockers alike.

As for the message itself, it really depends on the audience. We truly believe that in order to get that perfect you need some good old testing! We for example, run ongoing A/B and multivariate tests in our landing pages and banners in order to continuously optimise our conversion rates.

KiAC: What would be the example of a landing page that attracts users’ attention and encourages them to make a targeted action?

E.V.: It depends on the marketing goal you want to achieve. Knowing your audience’s intent and segmenting them into small ''pockets'' to further target them with custom presell is key. What your audience needs, or what will help them to achieve their search intent, should be the main message of your landing page. Also clean landing page, which is optimized towards both Mobile and Desktop visits it’s already 30% of success.

KiAC: How does legislative regulation affect the promotion of online casinos and betting platforms?

E.V.: In recent years we have seen overly regulated markets like the UK or Sweden pushing operators and affiliates alike in a corner and stifling creativity through mainstream marketing channels. We have had to adjust to this reality several years ago, due to the challenges we faced in the markets we operate. We have since developed marketing strategies that do not rely on traditional media for mass reach, but rather employ viral and mouth to mouth tactics to achieve our goals. It is much harder to break through, but it allows to be creative and ultimately advance as individual marketeers.

KiAC: WinAffiliates has become a Badge Sponsor of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2021 badges. What do you expect from the event?

E.V.: We believe that the Ukranian online marketing industry features some of the best field experts in Europe, and we would like to encourage everyone to get in touch with us and discuss any and all potential cooperations. We have a very technically astute team and we are ready to dive into conversations on how we can work with you!

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